Overhead power line at nightFounded on March 25, 1915 as Juventud Melgar (before changing to Foot Ball Club Melgar its current name) as a tribute to the poet and hero of the independence of Peru, Mariano Melgar (in), the FBC Melgar is invited to participate in the first division in 1966 when the championship opened up to provincial clubs. Fabrice Clément, former leader of the Union sportive granvillaise, was appointed head of the club in 2019. After the club was bought out in 2020 by the investment fund Oaktree Capital Management, he was invited to give up his place to Olivier Pickeu, a former player of the club, who became known for the quality of his work at the Angers sporting club de l'Ouest in previous years. In 2018, while the club's neighbor and rival, ASAGS Football had financial and administrative setbacks (ASAGS will not be helped by the Town Hall of Grande-Synthe since it is an association), the 'OGS takes the opportunity to join forces with the junior women's section of the ASAGS. He is the author of the book Malherbe yesterday and today, 75 years of football at SM Caen. The Venoix stadium, located in the Venoix district of Caen, hosts the matches of the men's reserve team and the women's team, evolving in 2021 in Regional 1, after having been the main stadium of Stade Malherbe for 80 years.

White Socks Style 4 Against all odds, Stade Malherbe succeeded, thanks to three successes in the last three games. He recruited Pierre Mankowski in 1983 as a player-coach, with the success that we know: in a few seasons, the former third division club knocked on the doors of the elite. The club finished seventeenth in Division 2, the worst ranking since the adoption of professional status, very far from the ambitions of promotion to D1. After these setbacks, a match was looming in Nantes, then second in the standings for the Clermontois. In front of the media, the Clermont coach uses the pretext of an injury to his striker to explain his absence. In 1992, Argentinian vice-world champion Gabriel Calderón was recruited, as well as midfielder Stéphane Dedebant, who brilliantly led the Caen game for two seasons (to the point of being selected for the France A team), before that an injury does not break his ascent. There are a large number of table games, among other things because the game has developed in a disorganized way. The Stade Malherbe has a number of youth teams, from football school to juniors. The relegation and maintenance of the club in Division 2 from 1997 reduced the ambitions of Caen, but the budget nevertheless followed the inflation experienced by European football at that time.

The football school aims to teach the basics of football to children, from an early age. The Courbis contract is not renewed either. He signs a two-year contract. 48 young people aged 12 to 18. A structure was set up in 1989, Bobby Brown was its first director until 1991. He was then replaced by Pascal Théault, who developed the activity of the center until 1997. Became the coach of the first team, Théault made extensive use of young people at the centre, and the managers decided to focus on its development. 20The athletic clergy of this period was very often driven by two concerns: the conversion of workers and, above all, the conversion of young men. Several other parishes in Birmingham soon followed this example. 36 The Working Men's College, founded in London in 1854 by the liberal theologian and Christian socialist FD Maurice, presents a similar case.

Be that as it may, such a start to the season – during which qualification for Istres in the league cup (1-2 after extra time) was only a flash in the fog quickly erased by elimination from the round next by the Malherbe stadium in Caen – suggests a future relegation to national level which would be catastrophic for the club, and all the more so in view of the ambitions that the club had before the start of the season. Marcel Leperlier became the coach for one season, before being replaced by "P'tit Louis" Requier, a former player from Caen and loyal to the club, who remained for two years. Guy Lacombe June 13, 1955 (67 years old) – A 1976-1979? Guy Chambily is the first president. The mid-2000s therefore saw the return of the club to the fore. In 2016-2017, the "U19" and the "U17", respectively bringing together players under 19 and players under 17 from the Caen club, play in their respective national championships. Serge Gakpé May 7, 1987 (age 35) – In Jan. The third final took place on May 26, 2001. The junior weed killers were trained by Laurent Lesgent and included future professionals Jérémy Sorbon, Bruno Grougi, Benoît Lesoimier, Reynald Lemaître, Sigamary Diarra, Ronald Zubar and Benoît Costil.

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