This change in governance has no immediate negative effects on the club's results; before the meeting against Marseille on March 15, Paris thus chained six victories and a draw in eight games, and had the opportunity to replace Lyon at the top of the championship, but PSG lost. The team reaches the quarter-finals, released by Olympique de Marseille. Leaving the place for a new position, Eduardo Di Loreto is contacted by Bihel and his Le Havre network. On January 8, 1955 in Blois, in front of a considerable crowd, the Nantes professionals were defeated by 3 goals to 2 after extra time, thanks in particular to a double from Bihel. During the 1953-1954 season, Bihel took over the team of his former club Le Havre. The AAJB never had professional status during its history but played nine seasons (1970-1975 and 1978-1982) in Division 2. The club, built in 1912, first participated in the Division d'honneur until 1955 before joining the CFA for fifteen seasons.

A few weeks after the 6-0 victory at Dreux, the Caennais suffered the heaviest defeat in their history in the same competition, losing 0-9 to US Boulogne. In 2022, the club is having the best season in its history in MLS with a record of twenty wins, nine losses and five draws as well as several broken records. Placed in the Center group in 1965-1966, the team must again wait for the last day of the championship to ensure its maintenance. The newly promoted sign his return to D2 with the arrival of a young player-coach, Robert Dewilder. Despite the Second World War, the AAJB continued its course under the impetus of Gilbert Vieuxbled, ex-director of Red Star. The first half ends with this score, 0-0. The second period begins with actions on both sides, the Grenoble residents defend well and create good counter situations. The Grenoble team got off to a good start, they made the game, causing some dangerous situations, like Daniel Moreira in the 40th who was face to face with Steve Mandanda but unfortunately his shot did not find the target. To continue rebuilding the team, he recruited Ruud Gullit in 1987, whom he presented as a much better player than Diego Maradona.

The Serbian authorities believe that the author of the incident is none other than the brother of the Albanian Prime Minister, the only Albanian person (with his escort) present in the stadium, the meeting being classified as high risk. ↑ a and b Overflows of Serbian spectators took place following an Albanian nationalist act (throwing red smoke bombs on the field, color of the Albanian flag, accompanied by a quadcopter drone, carrying a message claiming an Albanian Kosovo). The management of the club then seeks, to give a new vitality to the team, to take a coach-player to have a man on the ground capable of commanding and directing his teammates. In the second half, the Isérois evolved against and awaited the Normans in their own half of the field. Built in the 1970s for the second division matches of AAJ Blois, Blois Football 41 inherited the Stade des Allées during the merger. After the Second World War, the AAJB knew different coaches and continued its path in the Division d'honneur. Former professional player and native of Orléans, Jean-Baptiste Bordas was the first coach of the USO in the form we know him today. In the summer of 1981, the Franco-Argentinian Pancho Gonzalès became the Amicale's new coach.

In the summer of 1966, Joseph Donnard arrived at the club and was appointed player-coach. René Ferrier was recruited in the summer of 1973 and the team narrowly escaped (14th out of 18) without however having been relegated. Robert Accard, then René Pavot and the AAJB continues its path in the Division d'honneur. René Samzun September 5, 1924 May 4, 2005 (aged 80) M 1952-1953? ". Threatened in its existence, PSG was split in two in May 1972: the professional section remained in Division 1 under the colors of Paris FC, while the rest of the club, and in particular the amateur team playing in Division 3, retained the “Paris Saint-Germain” identity. During the 1969-1970 season, cheap football shirts the AAJB got stuck in the semi-finals of the French amateur championship. Between 1996 and 1998, after an era of ten years of domination on the national level as on the international level, Milan experienced two disparate seasons of disillusion, through the failure of technical choices and risky purchases, an undeniable sign of the end of a cycle, illustrated in particular by an 11th place and 10th place, respectively during the periods 1996/1997 and 1997/1998 and a sudden elimination in the Champions League during the 1996/1997 season, which prompted the management of the company to change radical and to design the almost total overhaul of the team.

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