The sports authorities themselves have still not fully integrated the supporters into the “football family”. The historical study of football is an important part of football culture. Chants hold an important place in football culture. However, fans generally prefer to recycle chants that have no relation to football. Some authors refer to the term hooligan as all violent supporters, even though there is more than a nuance between a lambda supporter suddenly becoming violent and taking the opposing stand. And it is exhausted, demolished, the decomposed face that he goes after the match to the headquarters of his club, where he collapses, cheap football shirts more tired than the players themselves. AC Milan players' dressing room at Stadio San Siro. Main article: Milan TV. This article relating to a football club season in London is a stub. The pressure from supporters is such that these purely mercantile moves are now prohibited in France after the controversial merger of the first version of Toulouse FC with Red Star in 1967 and exceptional in England: an isolated case of Wimbledon FC which moved to Milton Keynes in 2003 becoming the Milton Keynes Dons Football Club.

These are so-called “official” fan clubs. Order the jerseys of the best European and world clubs such as the PSG jersey, the Barcelona jersey, the Real Madrid jersey, the Bayern Munich jersey or the Juventus jersey. In Germany, plays centered on football were staged: the burlesque play A Footballer and an American Indian (Fussballspieler und Indianer, written in 1924 and staged in 1926), a satire already pointing out the place of the media in sport, Under the red and white jersey (Stimmung Rot-Weiss, 1971) and The War of the States (Länderkampf, 1971), denouncing the nationalist passions engendered by football. Thus, the iconic supporters' anthem has been You'll Never Walk Alone since 1965 and its adoption by fans of Liverpool FC and Celtic Glasgow. English cricket was thus hard hit by a wave of violence from its supporters from the 1770s to the beginning of the 19th century. The derbies and other gala posters constitute important meetings for the fans who then compete in the fields of singing or the animation of the stands (and sometimes violence) to gain an ascendancy over the rival supporters.

Football generates a vast movement of popular support, sometimes unconditional: the phenomenon of supporters. In literature, Nick Hornby published Fever Pitch in 1992, which changed the perception of the phenomenon endured by the British. The AWD-Arena is the stadium located in Hannover used by the Hannover 96 club. It is rebuilt for 64 million euros. In 2005-2006, PSG remained the only French club with a large deficit, with a loss of 13.456 million euros. The latter often use violence for purely private ends, without real links with the club. The overwhelming majority of sports fans are peaceful and festive, so it is simplistic to treat this theme solely from the angle of violence. The supporters are quickly regrouping within fan-clubs. Since the creation of the Torcida movement in Brazil in the 1940s, some groups of supporters have become independent of the club and even claim to deserve subsidies from it. Some groups lapse into hooliganism. This movement spread via Italy from the 1960s. The ultra wave reached France in the mid-1980s. If the majority of these groups displayed real pacifism, violence was no stranger to the ultra movement.

Excluded from European competitions following the Heysel tragedy, England is the first nation to enact strict rules to fight against violence. Gazzola's honorable record with twelve wins for eight losses offers third place in the standings and a first chance for the Montreal team in the end-of-season playoffs. This club slowly rose through the ranks, and participated in its first Coupe de France in 1936. The US Center changed its name in June 1942 to that of its glorious elder: the Center Sports Association. Most of the former leaders and educators of AS Moulins not wishing to be part of a project of rapprochement with AS Yzeure, they then founded the Sports Academy Moulins Football. He scored his first double in France in the Coupe de la Ligue semi-final against AS Saint-Étienne on 4 February 2004 before winning the Coupe de la Ligue that year, thanks to a victory on penalties against FC Nantes after losing in the final in the previous edition against Monaco.

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